2.179 mostly baseball

Friday 06/04/2021

In the morning I had a half a degree temp more than the usual, 98.3, so labeled myself “convalescent” and instead of a walk, took the car to do some errands. Bought a few groceries.

In the open parking lot of the Safeway, I re-activated my Toyota Safety Connect. I had renewed that service a month ago, but gotten a letter saying it needed to be activated, basically by getting it where it had a cell signal and pushing a button twice.

Thing is, I had another letter from Toyota saying that Safety Connect in my car used an older protocol (something-3, so one less than G4 less than G5) which was to be discontinued by the carriers in 2022, after which it wouldn’t work anyway.

Dropped by the post office to manually mail my estimated tax payment checks. And (I remember at this moment) completely forgot to do the other item, stop by CVS and pick up a prescription that’s waiting. Well, tomorrow.

Had a quick lunch and it was time to join my pod-mates to watch Stanford play North Dakota State in the NCAA baseball regional. I dug out almost my only long-sleeved shirt to avoid getting sunburnt on my arms like I did last Saturday. It was one I’ve owned since (I think) the 80s and kept for nostalgia. Stanford won, so tomorrow they play in the winner’s game at 6pm, so I can wear a short-sleeved shirt for that.

Hmmm. Now at 10pm my temp is 99, so technically I’m not well yet. But I feel fine.

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