2.165 late

Friday 05/21/2021

It is getting easier and easier to go to bed (usually around 10pm) completely forgetting to do a blog entry. I really don’t want to admit defeat and give up doing this diary, or to let it become intermittent with ever-longer gaps. Dunno. Maybe shorter entries.

This day was the first meeting of a small critiquing group, different from the CH writers who meet weekly on Tuesdays. That group expects a new, short piece each time, on a given topic, and you read it aloud, and get generally nice strokes for it.

This one is for people working on longer stuff of their own choosing. We are supposed to read the material and mark it up with comments beforehand, and say what did or didn’t “work”. I tried this out on the first 1000 words of Pelajis as I am rewriting it. Of the others, Prudence also presented the opening of a middle-grade work. It was quite good. I can imagine collaborating with Pru sometime.

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