2.166 pleasant saturday

Fiddled around. Went for a medium walk, ending with picking up the usual nummy pastry. Worked on some hobby projects. For lunch, passed on the daily entree (pepper steak) and had Avocado Toast instead, a really nice light meal on the backup menu.

More fiddling around. For supper decided I didn’t want the evening entree either (baked chicken) and decided to walk out up University Ave. Downtown PA was jumping, with lots of people out, many with masks but not all.

The Apple store was fully open, so I went in and got fingers-on with the latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Apple has kind of shot themselves in the foot with the latest machines. Both the Air and the Pro use the identical silicon, the new M1 chip. Possibly they have lowered the clock rate in the Air? But there are very few differences between the two. The Air costs $200 less, has 2 hours less claimed battery life, the screen has 400 nits of brightness versus 600 nits for the Pro. They both come with exactly two USB-C ports, incompatible with anything. That’s it. Well, the Pro has the “touch bar” in place of the top row of function keys. I need to go back and try the keyboards, but I think they are the same. So why get the Pro?

The new iMac is pretty but only has a 24-inch screen where my 5-year-old one is 27″. I’ll wait for the follow-on there.

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