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Thursday 05/20/2021

After aerobics I hastily tidied up the apartment, since Wanda was coming in at 9:30 to clean. Then off to FOPAL for a bit of sorting (still nothing for the computer section). The boxes I was sorting, along with two volunteers named Helen and Dennis, were from a single donation and they were about 2/3 full of popular books about business and management, and 1/3 of general psychology-self-help. All from the past decade and all in pristine condition. Somebody was spending lots of money on books to help him be a better manager or entrepreneur, and reading them once if that.

Back to the barn, and my room was all tidy. I looked at the lunch menu on the way up from the garage, and decided I didn’t like what was on for lunch, so I had a nice PBJ in my room.

Afternoon I worked on the Golf model. It’s at the point where I’m trying to carefully paint black on the window surrounds and the wheel arches (that’s how it looks in auction photos). I’d masked very carefully but off course… well. Also worked on the software project. Had supper in the dining room, at the 8-seat “open” table. Evening serving was a not very good meatloaf, mashed potatoes with no gravy (why? just a mound of mashed potatoes.) And some veg.

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