2.163 laundry, socializing

Wednesday 05/19/2021

Went for the standard walk, felt fine. Wanda stopped me in the hallway coming back, wanting to know if it was ok to clean my room at 9:30am tomorrow instead of the usual 2pm. She has some kind of meeting to go to. Ok, sure.

Neighbor Dr. Margaret called to say, she’d gotten my book out of the library and it was great, and she had questions, could we lunch together. At lunch she praised the book extravagantly. We talked about some issues in it.

Ran my laundry from 12 to 2. Then worked on hobby projects until 5. That was the time I’d been invited to drinks before dinner with Jerry and Betty, and coincidentally they had asked Dr. Margaret. So we chatted over drinks, then went down to dinner.

That was about it for the day. I have been warned that they will shut down the CH intranet tonight at 10 for maintenance, so I’d better get this posted.

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