2.162 meeting, fopal

Tuesday 05/18/2021

I was the only one to sign in to Veronica’s aerobics, so like a personal trainer. She and I discussed how she is going to handle the class with her upcoming pregnancy leave of several months. Probably it will be picked up in June by A.J., a staff member, who will lead it on the 11th floor at 8:30am. Would that suit me? Sure. And being in-person instead of remote, it might pick up more people.

Then it was time for the weekly writers meeting. Again I had no contribution to read. The cue of “sky high or down to earth” didn’t spark anything in my mind, although others had some really nice things from that.

After lunch I went to FOPAL. Curated a box of books, but only one box. My shelves are starting to look under-stocked. No idea why no computer related donations are coming in.

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