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Monday 05/17/2021

After the usual walk, I took care of a few to-do items, which I had polished off by lunch. Then I had a very productive session with the software hobby project I started a couple weeks ago and have been fiddling with since. I won’t try to explain it here; but here it is. I will probably keep adding bits to it for some time to come. This is how nerds have fun.

Something I didn’t mention in filling in Sunday’s blog: I signed up for three outside, non-virtual activities.

First, the Sunday paper had an article on SiliCon in San Jose, a comic/SF convention originally founded by Steve Wozniak, and now with Adam Savage as artistic director. A real convention, in the SJ convention center. Heck yeah, I could use a weekend of panels featuring SF authors and web comic artists, and merch tables, and cos-players. Bought a weekend ticket.

Then in the email, there was a notice from meetup.com for South Bay House Concerts, one of my favorite local groups, The Quitters, would be doing a house concert at the end of July. The organizer was calling for vaccinated audience only. Heck yes. Signed up for that.

And further down in the same email list, the announcement of the Redwood Coast Music Festival for the end of September. I had been signed up for this festival for the fall of 2020. When they canceled I donated back the ticket price. Well, here they are again. I haven’t been to any kind of music fest in years, and never to this one, but it looks like fun. So I bought a weekend ticket for that, and booked a hotel in Eureka.

So that’s three non-virtual, out-among-other-people, things.

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