2.154 meeting, balcony, writing

Monday 05/10/2021

Went for a walk starting early-ish in order to be back in plenty of time for the monthly Residents Association meeting. Thus I had time for coffee and a pastry at our own dining room coffee service. While I was munching, Ian sat down to ask a favor.

Ian has been running the A/V committee for several years. I’ve been a member since I moved in. We do the mics and lights for presentations in the auditorium and on the 11th floor. I’m sure I’ve written about my adventures with A/V equipment before but can’t be bothered to search for posts.

Anyway, Ian’s wife has had a mild stroke and is rehabbing, and he feels a bit stressed. He wondered if I’d take over the committee. I said OK, as long as he’d be available for consultations. Of course he would.

At the RA meeting, somebody asked Rhonda when we would get back the use of the Auditorium. She said the staff were using the Auditorium for several things like Covid testing, and it would likely be months. Well. That takes a lot of pressure off the AV committee, since there won’t be any events to support for months.

After lunch I got busy cleaning up the balcony. There was a mess of stuff, mainly flower pots, that I’d pushed to the back corner and left for someday. Several of the pots had soil and dead plants in them and all were dirty. On the end of my walk I’d dropped into Whole Foods and bought a roll of large bio-bags. Now I emptied the flower pots into bio bags.

One pot had a fuschia I bought last summer at a nursery in Half Moon Bay. It had never thrived, and most of its branches now were dead or halfway. But it was putting up a little cluster of new shoots about two inches long around the base. So I dug it out, cut off all the dead wood, and put the core with the little shoots and a reduced root ball into a smaller pot. I put it back against the wall, so it will get less direct sunlight. It’ll be fun to see if it recovers.

I carried the old pots inside to the bathroom one at a time and washed them out in the shower. In the course of that, the shower hose got away for a minute and soaked the bathmat, so I had to hang that out on the balcony rail to dry. Anyway, job done. I swept up all the loose dirt and bagged all the debris. Tomorrow I have to carry the bio bags down to the composting containers in the basement and rearrange things on the balcony neatly.

On Wednesday Tara Vanderveer will address us as a visiting speaker. I’ve been tagged to introduce her. So I sat down to write my introduction speech. That took an hour. Reads pretty well. Then I called the guy who’s running the Zoom meeting because I’d heard he would want a rehearsal. (This is David Morrison, or as I think of him, Dave 3, after me and David Golden, and before David Thornton, in alphabetical order. Somebody said there’s yet another David moving in later in the summer.) ANYway, he said he was under pressure just now because his wife Karen had fallen for some kind of scam and they were trying to clean up her ID. So maybe no rehearsal before the actual show.

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