2.153 nursery

Sunday 05/09/2021

While watering the plants this morning I told myself it was time and past time to do some garden work on the balcony. Last year I bought a couple of fuscias, they have not thrived, close to dead. I have two lovely pots I bought from an artist on Etsy that I’ve never filled.

So after reading the paper and doing the puzzle I took myself off to Yamagami’s Nursery and just wandered around in the houseplants and shady plants area and bought three things. Dang I don’t even remember the names now. Pink cigar plant is one. Arabian Jasmine. And a little striped-leaf thing for inside. Got them planted, but now realizing what a big mess I have on my balcony with unused pots and stuff. I need lots of bio-bags to compost the extra stuff. Have scheduled that for later in the week.

I also set up the hummer feeders again. They’ve been down for most of last year because there was one little brute who took ownership and wouldn’t let any others in. Hopefully he has died or moved away and we can go back to having 5-6 hummers at a time.

Watched Austin City Limits and it was Alan Toussaint. In the closing interview he mentioned Professor Longhair and I thought, dang it has been a while since I heard any Prof. Longhair, so I went to the YouTubes. Here’s “Mess Around”. Nice close to the evening.

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