2.155 stuff, fopal

Tuesday 05/11/2021

After aerobics, I took the green bags to the basement. Then sat down at my desk and did a bunch of silly paperwork, paying bills and so on, which was complicated by the iMac having forgotten how to talk to the printer. Ended up having to reboot both machines.

(Distraction: the TV is on muted, and I keep seeing people doing just horrible things to dogs. WTF? Turns out it is a show on ABC called Pooch Perfect, people competing, apparently, to dye their animals more weird colors than the teams do.)

About 10 somebody above me over-watered a plant and dribbled at least half a gallon of water down onto my deck. No wonder that spot is always damp…

Drove down to FOPAL where once again there were only a few computer books to process, so I put in an hour sorting.

At 5 it was time for the monthly 6th floor meeting. We couldn’t get the audio straightened out on Zoom; there was an echo that made every speaker’s voice break up. Eventually everybody agreed it would be better to violate the rules and meet in person, so 20 people gathered in our lounge for the first time in a year.

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