2.148 relaxing

Tuesday 05/04/2021

“May the Fourth be with you,” said a couple of people. Relieved of the responsibility of trying to make the dining room hosting effort work, I felt very loose all day. Did the aerobics, then put more coats of color on the model. (Decided I had thinned the paint too much, which was why the color wasn’t as strong as I expected. Added more paint and it went better.)

Had lunch in the dining room. Did not care for the daily menu, so opted for a dish off the “every day” menu: avocado toast. That consists of a slice of toast on a plate. On top of the toast is a sprinkle of greens and a fried egg. On that is about a third of a ripe avocado, sliced pretty and fanned out artistically. Later I found I could have asked for bacon, and a couple of slices would have been added under the egg. Nice lunch anyway.

Spent two hours at FOPAL. Because tomorrow, normally laundry day, is full of activities on my calendar, I ran my laundry this afternoon. Fortunately there was a suitable hole on the community schedule board for the 6th floor laundry. Bought a few groceries on the way back from FOPAL, and then decided to do my own supper, a lovely sandwich of thin-sliced salami, cheese and mayo, and a beer. (Beer not offered in the dining room, although now I think of it, I could bring my own. People bring their own bottles of wine all the time.)

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