2.147 end of hosting

Monday 05/03/2021

Today turned out to the be the end of the volunteer hosting program. At 7:30 I went down and with Marcia, performed hosting while also training Nancy. Kim the HR came by at the start of breakfast and agreed to talk to us at 10am.

We presented that we weren’t getting the number of volunteer sign-ups we needed, and that she and I were going to have to alternate working the meals for a week to get everyone trained. I urged that all they needed was about three more Alfonso’s. Alfonso is a 20yo college student that was hired to do the hosting job on weekends, and we found him a pleasure to work with. Kim agreed, and said she’d talk to Rhonda and other staff.

An hour later she emailed to say that yes, the volunteer program should end, and staff would take over Tuesday morning. I composed an email to everyone who had signed up thanking them. Marcia worked lunch, I went back to work the dinner shift along with our last volunteer, Colin (Colin is our 90+ tennis player). And that’s that for the Host program, which I found to be quite a relief; I was getting quite tired of it.

Also during the day I got in a medium walk and a couple of more coats of color on the Golf. For some reason the paint brand I’m using needs more coats to get a solid color. Or maybe it’s my spray technique. In either case, the new spray box is working very well.

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