2.149 outing, meeting

Wednesday 05/05/2021

First thing today was to go downstairs at 8:30 to board a bus. The first Channing House Event Committee expedition since pre-Covid, a bus trip to the deYoung museum in the City. There are two exhibits going on there. One, Frida Kalo, is sold out. I’d rather have seen that but too bad. The other, PIcasso/Calder, was designed by the respective grandsons of Picasso and Calder.

The artists were contemporaries, and important and influential about the same time, but in fact they only met three times in their lives and as far as I can tell, didn’t pay much attention to each other’s work. But somebody (the grandsons?) thought it made sense to have an exhibit of some stuff by Picasso and some stuff by Calder. It was arranged so that works done in the same year were next to each other, but still, I didn’t see any relationship. I was not blown away by either, although generally I get more from a Calder mobile than a Picasso abstract. So I finished walking through in less than an hour and then I had two hours to kill until the bus departed.

I spent some time sitting in the sun (the fog was in, and despite the fact that I’ve lived around SF for going on fifty years, I didn’t think to wear a jacket to the City in the summer) and reading. Had a snack at the museum cafe, and then it was time to go.

Back at CH at 1:45, just 15 minutes before the Resident Association Executive Committee met. Nothing too important was discussed.

After that I finished getting a decent opaque coat of paint on the Golf model. Just in time; I had been working in the bathroom and I needed to move the spray stuff out to the balcony before Wanda cleans tomorrow. Now the Golf sits at least a day for the paint to harden. Then I use masking tape and set up to paint the black areas on it. There is black like eye-shadow around all the windows and a black stripe down the side and it is going to be fussy as hell getting it all on neatly.

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