2.146 hosting, model

Sunday 05/02/2021

I had to work the Breakfast and Dinner hosting jobs, training the one or two volunteers we have. Volunteers are not flocking to the sign-up sheet, for several reasons. One, in my opinion the feeling is different from last year, when staff shortages were due to a real peril, covid exposure. This staff shortage is due to a voluntary change in the dining services. One person said to me, “what are we paying for?”

Another is that hosting for 90 minutes or so is a real physical challenge for a lot of residents because they just can’t stand on their feet and be walking for that long at a spell.

Tomorrow I will talk this over with Marcia and I think we will ask management to bring back one or two of the staff people we are relieving. And strongly urge them to expedite the hiring process.

In between meals I worked on the Golf model. It is nearing completion. I have begun painting color on it in the revised spray booth.

That’s about it. I did some Sunday stuff, the puzzle, watering the plants, went for a walk.

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