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Tuesday 04/27/2021

Did the aerobics class. Afterward, treated myself to coffee and a croissant in the dining room. There I was waylaid by Grace, who has a new iPhone SE which was sent to her by ATT, because they are withdrawing support for her old phone. That was nice of them.

What wasn’t nice was, that the box contained no charger, only a cable. The cable had the usual Lightning connector to go in the phone’s butt, and on the other end, a USB-C connector suitable for plugging in to a MacBook maybe. Only problem is, Grace has a wall adapter to charge the phone, which has a standard USB-3 connector. So she couldn’t charge the new phone, which had her troubled in mind, because Last week she had made a date with me to help her transfer data from the old phone to the new one, tomorrow. But the phone wouldn’t charge.

Not an issue, I went upstairs to my room and got one of the several Lightning-to-USB cables I have in a drawer and took it down to her place and bingo, the new phone was ok again.

Messed around with the spray box. I had to take my larger pieces down to the shop and cut off a corner with the jigsaw. Next I can glue some parts together, but I didn’t feel like it.

Attended the writers group although I hadn’t written anything.

Ate lunch and supper in the dining room. The servers are getting more and more like real waiters, and the food is coming out faster.

Drove to FOPAL and spent two hours processing five boxes of computer books.

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