2.142 crafts, new volunteer thing

Wednesday 04/28/2021

Went for the walk, with about a half mile of jogging in it. On return I was disappointed to find that the coffee and pastry service in the dining room was not on today. So I sat at a table for the proper breakfast which was a waffle with berry sauce. The staff are looking and behaving more like proper waiters every day.

At 11am I had a date with Grace to commission her new phone. This took a full hour. The very clever iPhone “quick start” thing at first didn’t seem to be working, but on the 3rd or 4th try it suddenly worked. Eventually, exchanging emails with Craig who understands our Clearpass wi-fi system, I got it all working, talking to AT&T and to the building wi-fi and all.

After lunch Marcia called with a wonderful new idea. I guess. To relieve pressure on the dining room staff we will enlist resident volunteers to act as hosts and seat people. It’s a call-back to the volunteering last summer and fall, with a sign-up sheet and everything. I am to compose an invite/announce email, and Rhonda will announce and appeal for volunteers Friday. Like the volunteers who delivered meals to rooms, this won’t be forever.

At 5pm I met with Marcia and social director Elizabeth to be trained in this job. It is extremely easy. As people come in, check off their names on the five-page single-spaced list of names — that’s the hardest parts, A, knowing the names, and B, finding the names on the list — and then grab a menu and seat them. Try to fill up a table before starting another, except if people insist, they can sit where they like, or wait for friends.

I worked at assembling the spray box. I decided that no, dang it, I want cloth to cover the front. I worked out a simple pattern, and in fact I think I can sew it myself if I had a sewing machine. Coincidentally Peter came to return the scanner I loaned him months ago. I asked if he had a sewing machine, and he does and is quite sure his wife doesn’t need it for the next month. So I went to his room and borrowed it; it is a tiny little thing. Now I just have to get a piece of cloth. I have thread and other sewing stuff.

I believe I have a breakthrough on the VW Golf upholstery but I will report on that tomorrow.

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