2.140 crafts, model

Went for the walk, wearing tennies and jogging approximately half a mile of the distance. A few weeks ago I found a piece of art on a limb stump alongside the creek (Day 2.124). Today I found another one, half a mile away.

I wonder how many there are?

Yesterday the sheets of plastic I need for the spray booth came, so today I took them down to the Residents Workshop in the basement and cut out my pieces on a jig saw.

I also re-made my tartan pattern using drawn lines and brighter colors for better contrast. It still didn’t work. I don’t understand how a bright pattern that looks contrasty against white paper can just disappear when on transparent film and a black background. It looks bright and contrasty against a black background on the computer screen or when printed. I am going to try making a decal with a black background (instead of transparent).

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