2.135 dining room


Today was the day when the new food service system began. I went down at 7:30 for the grand opening. The dining room had been somewhat remodeled. Mainly the large cafeteria serving area in the center was gone, replaced by a lounging area with chairs, couches and low tables, plus a cart with coffee urns and pastries.

The areas that formerly had tables had been rearranged, mostly to use smaller tables. Formerly there were some 6-tops and I don’t think any of those remain. It was all hands on deck for staff; administrative people were acting as hosts and directing us to tables, while people I recognize from the facilities staff are working as servers along with the former sodexo people.

My breakfast was the featured french toast with berry compote. For lunch I had clam linguine, which is a dish that I used to make back in the day. In fact, I made it better. I filed a feedback form saying it was too dry, needed more sauce. For supper I had braised short ribs, which were pretty good and plated very prettily on a bed of broccolini.

I must note that about 8pm I had a bit of diarrhea. I hope that wasn’t directly caused by the food…

Also during this excitement I did my laundry and worked on the model car. About four I drove out to Stanford shopping center to return a pair of jeans. I had ordered them online and when they came, I immediately disliked them. Turns out you can return at a Levi’s store, and there’s one in the shopping center very hand. So now I have a $45 credit in my paypal account.

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