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Thursday 04/22/2021

After aerobics, I opted not to eat breakfast in the dining room, and also flouted their request to call to let them know I wasn’t coming. I don’t think they notice or care if someone doesn’t show. Instead I went out for a moderate walk, mainly to go to CVS to pick up some Famotidine (generic Prilosec).

Parenthesis: Years ago I was prescribed Ranitidine, basically the same thing, and it was wonderfully effective. I was getting heartburn almost every night and diagnosed with GERD. One pill with my evening pills and the heartburn vanished. Forget my evening pills, and invariably I will wake up around midnight with heartburn. Then, a couple of years ago, Ranitidine was withdrawn because of some unlikely problem and I was switched to Famotidine. Fine, but at the time I had three bottles of Ranitidine. So I kept using them. Until they finally ran out this week, and I had none when I reloaded my pill cases. So last night I wake up with heartburn, and today make an urgent run — well, walk — to CVS.

My route took me past the front of the Apple store, and there was Baranduin Briggs in an Apple shirt. She is a big SWBB fan. We worked with her for several years because she is a superb photographer. Her action shots of basketball players were featured on our fan website. Anyway, today she spotted me and told me about how she had gone to San Antonio to see the recent final four games. The NCAA would only allow a pocket camera in the arena, but she still managed to get some pictures.

Including this one, of the final shot in the championship game. Stanford is up by 1, Ari McDonald of Arizona has launched a final shot, the buzzer has sounded, the ball is in the air:

If the ball had gone in, Arizona would have been national champs. It bounced off the back iron, and Stanford was national champion!

I had lunch and dinner in the dining room. The food continues good. Tonight was a choice between mussels and chicken. I took the chicken. It was good. My table-mates took the mussels and were rapturous. “Best food I’ve ever had here,” said one.

But in mid-afternoon Rhonda dropped a bombshell: in an email she announced that Josh Aranda, who was hired in February as Director of Dining Services, was no longer an employee of Channing House, as of two days ago. Whoa! The guy who supervised the transition from Sodexo to our own setup, is out? And not with “best wishes for future success” or anything nice. Just “no longer an employee”. What happened? We’ll never know, of course. But wow.

I spent 90 minutes at FOPAL pricing and shelving a couple boxes of books. Found one that should bring $95 on Amazon.

I took a nap about 5, and woke up with… a nosebleed. Absolutely no cause, just a little dribble of blood. (yes, I checked my BP, 135) But that’s a problem because of the Plavix. I clearly remember a few months ago when a nosebleed wouldn’t stop, and I finally went to Urgent Care, where a ham-handed ignoramus of a doctor shoved an extremely uncomfortable wad the size of a tampon up my nostril, which I finally took out myself in the middle of the night. Yeah, I remember that.

Following that experience I acquired some liquid styptic stuff, which I have used several times for small scratches. But this was what I got it for. Fold up a postage-stamp size piece of toilet paper, saturate it with styptic juice, slide it up my nose. It worked! I could even breath around it. I refreshed it after supper. It should be good for the night and I expect things will be ok in the morning.

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