2.134 zooms, FOPAL, model

Tuesday 04/20/2021

Just after aerobics and showering and dressing it was time for the monthly concert and lecture by Stephanie and Paolo. They ran a little long and I had to bail from that to see the Apple Event. (Actually neither of those were zoom, the pianists on YT and Apple streaming from Apple.com.) Anyway Apple had a lot of new things I don’t really care about. Except for the redesigned iMac which is beautiful, but I can’t really justify replacing my 5-year-old one. That nearly ran over and I bailed to join the writers group at 11, which ran to 12:30.

Right after lunch I went to FOPAL and found only one box of computer books. Apparently the sorting process has been held up for lack of volunteers. However one book among the donations is on Amazon, used, at several hundred dollars. I’ve no idea why; it was just a technical manual for an obsolete system. But that’s a fun discovery. I usually find half a dozen “high value” books, meaning over $25, each time, but this was a record.

Back home I futzed around, among other things watching videos on how to use Affinity Photo filters. From that I was able to achieve my goal of getting the VW Golf GTI upholstery pattern cleaned up and scaled down. Check this:

This is a proof sheet, where I printed out three versions of the pattern. First one is too big; second one needs more color and contrast. The one on the right is what I wanted. I can’t make a decal yet because my can of clear sealant is in transit. The ink jet decal paper process is, you print your art on it, then you seal it with sealant spray. Then you can cut the art out, dip it in water, and slide art off the backing onto the object. In this case, imagine the tartan strip, wet and flexible, slid onto the little seat next to it, and carefully pressed into the creases. If I can do it without totally breaking it into bits, it will look great.

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