2.133 drive, meeting, model

Monday 04/19/2021

Today was scheduled for me, Phil and Patty to drive to HMB for a walk and lunch, leaving at 10am. At 9am I remembered that returning from my scenic drive yesterday, I had noted the car was low on gas, and did nothing about it. So now I went out to gas the car, and was back in plenty of time.

Patty nor Phil is an energetic walker so we didn’t get anywhere near as far on this walk along the cliff top as I did with Dennis a few weeks ago.

For lunch Patty wanted Diana’s Fish Trap in Princeton by the Sea. I’d never been there. Been to Princeton to eat a couple of times, but not that restaurant. Which it turned out was serving and even had indoor tables. I had good fish and chips, but the serving was so large I brought half of it home and had it for supper, and didn’t finish that.

At 4pm there was a Zoom meeting of volunteers at FOPAL. They are planning resume their regular book sale weekends in August, probably.

Afternoon and evening I struggled with Affinity Photo. Some time back Adobe switched to a subscription model so you only rent their software, you don’t own it. At which point I gave up using Photoshop, which I had used for many years. Affinity Photo, I think I’ve mentioned before, has all the features of Photoshop and more besides, and they sell it for a quite reasonable one-time price.

Except whenever I try to do something with it moderately complicated, which I know I could do zip-zip with PS, I keep running into user interface issues with AP. Yelling things at the screen like, “Why won’t you do this?” and “Why did you do that?”.

What I wanted to do today was to make a pattern for the seat cover for the Golf. Pictures of restored ’78 Golf GTIs online show it came with a tartan insert in the seats, like this.

Note the golf ball gear shift. German humor.

The model only gives me boring black plastic seats. No problemo. I have water-slide decal paper for my inkjet printer. All I have to do is take the image above, isolate the best part of that tartan pattern on the passenger seat, rotate and distort it so it is nice and square, duplicate it a few times to make a strip about 4 times as long as it is wide, scale it to print at 1/2″ by 2″, print it on decal paper, cut it out, and slide the decal onto the seat. Which I could have done in P.S. in an hour? About. A.P. is fighting me all the way.

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