2.132 drive, model, SWBB

Sunday 04/18/2021

I read the paper had my coffee watered the plants did the crossword and it was just after 8am. OK, now what? I decided to take a scenic drive. I drove East over 237 and continued on Calaveras road, which winds into the hills and past a reservoir.

Back home by lunch time. Added a bit to the current model.

Red brake calipers, blue coil-overs

In the afternoon it was the SWBB annual honors dinner, only it was a Zoom webinar. Which was fine. Years past, and probably this time next year, this event is a real dress-up dinner at the Stanford Faculty Club. Barring funerals, my only excuse to wear a tie. But fun because you get to ogle the players wearing their best prom or party dresses. (And let me tell you, a 6-3 athlete in 3-inch heels and a red cocktail dress… is an eyeful.)

But this was just a webinar although they had arranged for a lot of team alumnae from years past. I remembered seeing most of them play, back into the late 90s. Tara said they were lining up a tough schedule for next year, with a visit to South Carolina (who they just beat in the national semifinal; “they’ll be circling that on their calendar I bet,” Tara said), Tennessee, Gonzaga, and starting with a tournament in Hawaii.

We’ve been to games in all those places except S.Carolina. Been to two of the season-opening tournaments in Hawaii, but I’d go again. Been to games at Tennessee at least twice, I think three times. We attended one game at Gonzaga itself, and we have been to Spokane at least three times for NCAA Regionals as well. So, if travel is not impossible next fall, I’ll attend some or all of those.

The upcoming team is going to be a powerhouse. Their leader, Kiana, has opted to play professionally; she’ll be with the Seattle Storm. (I wonder, is the Key Arena back in operation yet from its remodel?)

However, due to Covid, the NCAA has said that players do not have to count this year against their elegibility. So our two other seniors have the option of staying for a fifth year. And why wouldn’t they? Get a good start on your Masters degree, basically for free? Plus there are four quite promising freshmen joining the team. So this team could Go. All. The. Way. Again. It might be fun to say I saw every game of a championship season…

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