2.126 meeting, meal

Monday 04/12/2021

OK I corrected the dates on the prior 6 or so entries, where I had written a month of 03 when I meant 04. Just couldn’t believe it was April I guess.

Went for a walk and felt excellent. Really got to start partial jogging soon. At 10 I was just about to go out for a trivial errand when I thought to just take a wee peek at my calendar and, woops, today was the Resident Association meeting at 10:30, where I would be expected to give a treasurer’s report. That would have been embarrassing, not to mention a mean thing to do to our newly-installed President Carol who is a wee bit unsure of herself (although she has been doing fine). Anyway I turned back and was all present and accounted for in good time.

After lunch I finished shaping the paper pattern for the cloth front of the spray booth. Then went to Michael’s craft store and bought some sew-on velcro. Didn’t Michael’s use to sell fabric? Or am I confusing it with another store Marian would often visit. Probably. Anyway, next step has to be, asking for sewing help on CHBB.

I had canceled tonight’s supper due to not liking any choices, so I walked out to the Peninsula Creamery and ATE AT A RESTAURANT. Sitting at a table outdoors. It was good.

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