2.125 outing

Sunday 04/11/2021

After I had absorbed my coffee and read the paper, I decided that for Sunday morning breakfast I wanted a pastry at a coffee shop — like the old days. Which shop? I decided to walk to Midtown (1.4 miles) and Lyft back.

I was just walking up to the door of the coffee shop when the phone rang: it was Dennis proposing a trip to Capitola to have a walk along the beach. Ohhhh-kayyy but I want my “cup and a cake” (as we learned to say in New Zealand) and then I’d have to get back home to get my car. No problem, get here when you can.

So I did that, maybe didn’t hang around sipping as long as I might have, and got to his place a bit before 10. I don’t think I have ever been in the little seaside tourist village of Capitola, just down the coast from Santa Cruz. Of course it was jammed. We tried the nearby New Brighton State Beach but it was closed to day-use. The ranger lady however directed us two miles south to Seacliff State Beach. And there we did indeed find a lot of parking and a mile of sunny beach to walk alongside of. There were lots of people out with blankets on the sand, and little kids with buckets and pails trying to remodel the beach.

We had lunch at a Village Inn. That’s a Bay Area restaurant chain with which Dennis has a long history, working at one as a kid and then marrying a relative of the owners. It was a decent lunch, so the chain is still doing OK.

Not much else to report. Well, a reference on the internet reminded me of Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley and on impulse I bought it for Kindle. Now I have several books that are partly read on the Kindle, so I spent the evening reading, not turning on the TV.

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