2.127 writing, FOPAL

Tuesday 04/13/2021

After aerobics class, I finished a little essay for the writers group. I added some finishing touches to the pattern for the cover for the airbrush booth, but didn’t have the nerve to publish a call for a seamstress to help me.

The essay was very well received by the group, in fact they praised it more highly than I expected or thought it deserved. OK, I’ll take it.

With lunch came the menu sheet for next week, as usual, but this one is special in that it has only three days on it. It ends on Tuesday April 20. The following day the dining room will open and meal service will be completely different.

After lunch I went to FOPAL and spent a couple of hours processing computer books and arranging the section. The only buyers who enter the sale room come by appointment, 2 or 3 at a time in the afternoons. Despite this, there has been quite a few sales from my computer section, with gaps opening on the shelves. I’ll go down on Thursday as well to rearrange things.

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