2.112 tech, crafts

Monday 03/29/2021

Went for the usual walk (although for some reason the iPhone chose to call it 2.4 miles instead of the usual readout of 3.1 for the exact same route). Jogged two stretches of it, which felt fine.

Joined Margaret at the coffee hour at 9:30 and spent an hour consulting again on how she can arrange the illustrations for her pelvis talk (see 2.109). I had been directing her to use Pages, but she hates Pages and just doesn’t have a feel for arranging text and images in a word processor. Then she mentioned Keynote and I realized I’d been directing her completely wrongly. She wanted to make a series of slides not a document. Switched to using Keynote and things went better.

Spent time working out how to convert the open spray booth to a closed one. This is going to need sewing skills which I don’t have. Anyway I marked off two pieces of plastic. Took them to the small hobby shop on the 5th floor to find a box cutter, and cut them out. Next I need to attach them, but how? Finally decide, epoxy. Walk to Ace Hardware and buy some.

Got a call from Susan and Harry, would I like to come have a drink around 5pm? Sure. Do that. Tom and Nancy also there. Pleasant talk with nice people.

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