2.111 walk, SWBB

Sunday 03/28/2021

Dennis and I had arranged to meet at the Baylands parking at 7:30 am. I needed to leave by 7:10. So of course this morning I slept until 6:40. Well, time for coffee and to dress, and that was about it.

Had a pleasant walk seeing all the birbs hanging out doing nothing. I had thought I would bring the Nikon with the 500mm lens but at the last minute decided it was too clumsy to walk with the camera on a monopod (five-foot stick). And I didn’t see anything to make me regret that decision. The tide was out further than I’ve ever seen it, and there was nothing but mud as far as you could see.

Talked blood pressure, as both of us have an issue with it. I had to report that one week of Keto diet had not changed my BP at all. I am going to continue for the second week, although mainly because I canceled in-house meals for the coming week so whatever, I would have to feed myself. Might as well feed myself no-carb food. I will write up a report a week from now.

Back home I puttered around until noon when it was time for the Stanford Women to play their “sweet-sixteen” game against Missouri State. They had no trouble at all and won by nearly 30 points. Next up, Tuesday, is the “elite eight” game against a much stronger team, Georgia.

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