2.113 writers, FOPAL, SWBB

Tuesday 03/30/2021

Would have done the aerobics but no zoom link was posted. Went for a modest walk instead, to Gamble Gardens.

I had not done any writing but attended the writers meeting anyway. As usual, others had taken the cue “Box” and thought of all sorts of clever variations on it. However one wrote a very lovely, very emotional memoire about when she was 15, and unexpectedly found the box of her mother’s ashes. It was brilliantly done.

Off to FOPAL where I processed three boxes of computer books and thought, there, job done — and then noticed three more boxes just off to the side. Instead of 90 minutes I was there over 3 hours.

Bought some coffee and headed home. At 6pm I joined Kent and Marcia to watch Stanford play their elite eight game against the Louisville Cardinals. The first half was not fun. Stanford had completely lost their three-point shot (1 of 9 went in) and their two-point tries were rimming out also. They were down by 12 at the half.

Now came a striking example of a coach “making adjustments” at half-time. During the third quarter Stanford attempted no threes, but focused on driving to the basket instead. They may have changed some defensive moves as well, but that was the noticeable change. From 12 down they were soon 12 up, while the Louisville coach called two timeouts to try to stop the bleeding.

In the fourth quarter they started shooting 3s again, and hitting them, and finally won by a healthy margin. The Final Four games are on Friday, and the Championship on Sunday.’

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