2.106 music, meeting, FOPAL, SWBB

Tuesday 03/23/2021

First thing this morning, almost immediately after the aerobics class, was a monthly lecture and concert by Stephanie Trick. Neat music.

At 11 it was time for the writers group. This was an easy one, the cue being, write about 3/16/2020, the day we started officially sheltering in place. I just read from my blog entry for that day. I left a bit early because I needed to meet with Marcia. There were some questions about future volunteer activities and we needed to work out how to say politely to all concerned, we didn’t want to do that any more. That took a while.

Then I went to FOPAL where it almost always takes me 90 minutes to “do” the computer section, surveying all the books that have come in from last time, pricing and shelving the keepers.

At 6pm it was time for Stanford to take on Oklahoma State in the second round of the NCAAs. OK State although an #8 seed, was a challenge, and the first quarter ended in a tie. Then Stanford broke it open to a 20-point lead, and ended the game up 12. So on to the “Sweet 16” round, which will be on Saturday I think.

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