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Wednesday 03/24/2021

Went for the walk and did not feel any need to curtail it, as I had on Monday. This day was also notable because for the first time since October, I went out at 8:30am without a jacket, and didn’t feel chilly.

On return I had two tech emails waiting. Helene is having a problem with her Alexa Clock, and Maggie wants some help managing clip art. Maggie I put off until Friday. I went up to Helene’s place — we can enter other people’s apartments now — and fiddled with her Alexa alarm clock. It’s a pretty thing, a truncated sphere about the size of a softball. She showed how she ought to be able to tell it, “Echo,” (she chose to call it Echo not Alexa) “Set an alarm for 6:30 am.” It mulls for a second and then says “I’m having trouble connecting, but I’ll keep trying.” Why?

I didn’t even know how to get to settings, but Helene remembered something about “swipe down” and in fact that did reveal some icons, one being a gear, the universal symbol for settings these days. I looked at all the settings under it and the one for Network showed it was “connected” to the proper wi-fi with “excellent” signal strength. So what’s the problem? I told it again to set an alarm for 6:30 and it did that with no fuss. Apparently my magic fingers had fixed it, or soothed it, or something. Case closed.

That was about it for practical activity. Well, I did my bi-weekly laundry. And since I plan to be out all day tomorow, I did a bit of tidying in advance of Wanda’s visit tomorrow afternoon.

Discovered yet another, this is the third, series on Amazon Prime about living in a narrowboat on the English canal system. So that’s nice.

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