2.104 surprise walk, diet, SWBB

Sunday 03/21/2021

I was just taking a first sip from my morning cup when my phone rang, which it hardly ever does. It was Dennis, proposing a walk on the coast at Half Moon Bay. OK, why not. So he came by at 8 and we did that, walking along the cliff top.

This was the first day of eating only keto food, mainly three shakes. There are several things at play here. One is the freedom from the fixed meal schedule. No longer do I have to be sure to be home around 12:45 or 5:45 when the cart comes around. That’s nice. When I’m hungry, I eat, otherwise not. The shakes, although tasty enough and with a variety of flavors to choose from, do not behave the same as meals. This was already true, from my experience with them as my regular breakfast. I forget to drink the shake; then later feel hungry and go back for a few more swallows; and forget it again. I also had snacks of cheese and salami. Keto is fun. All the protein and fat you want. My complete lack of any means of cooking (and I’m not complaining about that) means I have to stock only pre-cooked stuff, but I had the brilliant idea that tomorrow or Tuesday I will buy a whole cooked chicken at Safeway, and have that to nosh on.

Stanford kicked off the NCAA tournament in good style, pretty much overwhelming the 16-seed Utah Valley U. Who? It is a large University in Orem. Stanford ran out a 16-1 opening and ended up 40. Next game on Tuesday.

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