2.103 numbers, colors, bud

Saturday 03/20/2021

Had a bit of a walk with a stop for a hazelnut chocolate swirl at the farmers market. The last one for a while, as such a big gob of carbs does not work with a keto diet. Nor a little gob, for that matter. Later in the morning I mixed up 6 shakes, two day’s meals. And moved all the non-keto food items I have into the small closet by the kitchen counter.

I spent an hour going through a mess of receipts and the RA checkbook. The spreadsheet that I inherited turned out when I really looked at it, to be over-complicated, and only one sheet out of four had been maintained. So I made up my own RA Cash Journal Numbers file with sheets for 2020 and 2021. Then I sorted out all the documents for years before 2020, and 2020, and 2021. Got the 2020 sheet complete and organized and my goodness it almost matches the balance from the 12/31/2020 bank statement. Close enough. Tomorrow or Monday I’ll do the 2021 sheet.

I think I mentioned that the motivation to do this came in the middle of the night, several nights ago. Then I worked out how to do it and rather than just forget it, I got up in the dark and found a pad and pen and wrote down notes on what I thought should be done. Then I could go back to sleep.

Part of the midnight mulling was, how to hand stuff on to the next Treasurer, more suitably and more neatly than stuff was handed to me. I worked out that I wanted to have all relevant docs in a folder, and copy that to a thumb drive periodically. So I have ordered a nice new SanDisk 32GB USB drive (all of $5). Also in the night I realized, what if the next treasurer has a new mac with USB-C ports? So I also ordered USB-3 to USB-C adapters, two of which cost more than 32GB of storage. O.M.G. I am picturing screwing a disk pack the size of a wedding cake into a 2314 drive.

What I looked like in 1967, loading a whopping 29 MEGAbytes of data

32 GIGAbytes is the smallest cheapest USB drive you can get. Sigh.

Anyway, Scott got me curious about how hard it would be to match the Ford “Dark Rose” color of a 1957 T-bird in available model paints. Turns out, not that hard. I believe this one, with some added white to lighten it, would do. It only took an hour of clicking and browsing to find that. Does this commit me to work on the 57 T-bird kit next? No, it does not. I will have four kits to choose among and haven’t made up my mind yet. Also I have some ideas about how to improve my miniature spray booth first.

So on my morning walk my eye was caught by some just about to open magnolia buds. Just begging to be photographed.

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