2.102 numbers, pizza

Friday 03/19/2021

Went for the usual walk in the morning. Later sat down to do something I thought up in the middle of the night two days ago. Thinking about being treasurer of the Residents Association and realizing I wasn’t keeping good records, more like a manila folder of unsorted documents. I should set up some kind of spreadsheet as a cash journal, and also regularly save it to an external thumb drive that could be handed on to the next treasurer.

Sat down to implement this, and realized it was a bigger job than I’d thought. Then also realized I had been given a spreadsheet by the prior treasurer. I’d given it a cursor look a year ago and then forgot about it. Looking at it now I see that it is pretty much the cash journal I’d been imagining. But I need to bring it up to date from my shamefully scattered records. Fortunately there is maybe two dozen transactions over the past year.

After fiddling with that for a while I set it aside in piles on my desk, where the MG model was spread out last week. It will probably be as long a job as the MG was. Well, hopefully not. Especially hopefully not as tonight I ordered two more 1/16-scale models: a 57 T-bird, and a 78 VW Golf. (What? Why a Golf? Because a 77 Golf was what Marian and I drove while we lived in England.) So I have all told four model kits stacked up in my closet: those big ones, and in the standard 1/25-scale, a 55 Chrysler and a 56 Dodge. No good reason for those.

Dinner was pizza shared among four of us. Gwen ordered from The Midwife And The Baker, an artisanal bakery whose stuff I have bought from the California Ave. farmers market. They do pizzas in their bread ovens on Fridays only. I and Patty drove down to pick up the pizzas up. Phil made up the foursome. Phil’s wife Ruth was just persuaded to move to Assisted Living, a bit stressful for both her and him.

The pizza was good, but in fact in future I’d prefer ordering from the New York Pizza house a few blocks away.

3 thoughts on “2.102 numbers, pizza

  1. As I walked down an alley to high school I used to lust after a 1957 Thunderbird that was visible where a lady parked it outside. As I remember it was kind of an orchid color. What color will yours be?


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