2.099 meeting, FOPAL, neighbor

Tuesday 03/16/2021

After aerobics I futzed around for an hour, among other things trying to shoot pictures of the MG model, all of which I trashed later. You would think…

For the writer’s group at 11, the cue was to write something about your name. Since I don’t have any strong feelings about my name in itself, I wrote about the guy who has been having a political career for the last 20 years under my name, almost: former San Jose City Councilman, former president of the Santa Clara County board of Supervisors, and currently State Senator for District 15, Dave Cortese. With a brief mention of Emilio Cortesi, who was the mayor of South San Francisco 1953-54, while Emilio Cortesi was living in Washington raising me.

Oh, the writing cue for next time? Write about what happened with you on 3/16/2020, the day Santa Clara County shut down. Hah, I will have no trouble with that, it was Day 1-105 appropriately titled, “Shit gettin’ real”.

Right after lunch I drove to FOPAL and worked on the computer section for 2 hours. Later in the day I got a call from someone who knew I lived across the hall from Florrie, saying she was in the hospital and did I know why? Well of course not. But later I heard voices in the hall and it was Florrie coming home. She’d had a fall in the afternoon, didn’t break anything but had some contusions.

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