2.098 clean desk, writing

Monday 03/15/2021

Took the standard walk which came to 3.2 miles about. The only thing I did the rest of the morning was to take a few pictures of the MG model, which I later threw away as not good enough. Then cleaned my desk, organizing and putting away all the modeling tools and equipment. A clear desktop, yay.

In the afternoon, I wrote a short thing for tomorrow’s writers’ group. I felt like I had to, because I’d blown them off the last two sessions. The cue was to write about your name. I didn’t want to do that, so instead I wrote about my nonexistent political career under the name of Dave Cortese, a well-known career politician in the San Jose area.

In the evening it was the NCAA selection show, announcing the brackets for the Final Four in San Antonio. Stanford is a #1 seed. They will have to beat either Georgia or Louisville (the CardinalS as in birds) to advance to the final four.

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