2.100 tidy up

Wednesday 03/17/2021

Nothing much of a day, really. Took the usual walk in the morning; it felt fine. Elsewhile I spent some time taking good photos of the MG model. Using the Nikon so I could control the aperture, set it to f/16 and get enough depth of field that both ends of the little car would be in focus at the same time. Which meant that the shutter speed was like a second and a half, so the camera had to be on the tripod to avoid motion blur.

Then take the Nikon raw file into Aperture (what I’m using instead of Photoshop because I will not pay Adobe a continuous subscription fee) and tweak it all nice. Might as well put a couple of those shots in here, nobody else will ever see them.

Sometimes while making this thing I would think “how fun it would be to own one of these”. Actually in my childhood, a friend of the family owned the next car in the series, the MG TF, actually prettier with the headlights faired into the fenders and slightly longer. I can remember being allowed to sit in it, but I don’t think I was ever given a ride.

Anyway, then I would think, uh-huh, noisy, hard-riding, no climate control except the wind through the gaps around the windows when the top is up… Nope. OK I just checked, clean restored MG TFs are selling between $25K and $35K.

That was about it in terms of doing anything productive. Read a little, napped a little…

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