2.097 forest, model

Sunday 03/14/2021

Up at 6 (allowing for DST of course) for coffee and the paper and a shower, and at 7:30 downstairs to wait for Dennis, who rolled up shortly and off we went for our Forest Walk. That is a supposedly restorative procedure which is really just “take a walk in the woods and appreciate it”.

Up to Huddart Park and off we went. Nice trails through dense patches of second-growth redwoods alongside a tiny creek. We did about 3 miles total, out and back. It was fun being in a damp woodsy woods. There were trilliums, which I remember growing in the ditches along the road to the old ranch.

So that was that. Back at CH I spent some time off and on through the day finishing up the MG model. It is 99.9% done. Here are a couple of quick pics of it.

The wheels turn and the front wheels steer. If you lift one edge of the bonnet and fold it back on its hinges, there is a fully detailed engine with spark plug wires. I need to go over it carefully, dust it off and get my fingerprints off it, touch up a couple of paint nicks, and that’s it, put the cover on the display box and set it with the other models.

This has been a frustrating build. Partly because of all the trouble I had learning how to use the air brush to get decent coverage. Partly because I kept spoiling the paint after it was on. That was due to the Tamiya clear being too soft, and also to my being a klutz and not thinking things through before doing them. Partly it was that many of the little pieces didn’t quite fit together as they were meant to do, and the instruction manual was not always clear, and … whine snivel complain. Never mind, I learned a lot from doing this model, lessons I can apply to the next model.

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