2.092 taxes, FOPAL, meeting

Tuesday 03/09/2021

After aerobics I sat down at the computer to finish the tax workbook. And found to my surprise that there were no more pages that needed filling. Foreign taxes? Foreign income? nope and nope. So I uploaded all my documents and the workbook and that was that. A couple of hours later tax lady Katy, who has processed my return at the accountant office for several years now, emailed that she had it and would contact me if she needed more.

I had decided not to participate in the writers’ group this week. I gave the leader, Connie, the excuse of doing my taxes, but the real reason was the cue this time: write a letter to a sibling, dead or alive, or imaginary if you like. I tiptoed up to the edge of the pit I would have to look into, to write about either half-sister, and pulled the lid over it and tiptoed away. Nope. I think I have a mature understanding of them as flawed human beings but… nope. Not going to write to, or about, either one, to share with the public.

So I did an errand walk around downtown Palo Alto. CVS for a prescription. UPS store to verify they did provide notary service, and they do. Then to the T-Mobile store to enquire about the same kind of signal booster that I used to have at Tasso street, a box that connects by internet and acts like a little local cell tower. They don’t stock them in the stores, call customer support.

After lunch I drove to FOPAL and did 90 minutes of book processing for the computer section. Back in time for the 4:45 monthly 6th Floor Meeting. No real business to transact, just an hour of zoom chit-chat.

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