2.091 meeting, estate

Monday 03/08/2021

The big event today was to be the Resident Association meeting. Big because I and Marcia were an agenda item to declare the end of the volunteer programs. I did three minutes on the history of the program, and the astonishing numbers of meals delivered, etc. Marcia did about the same, talking about all the keen things people can do with their time now in-house restrictions are being lifted, in case they miss their volunteer gigs.

Afterward I got what felt like a big job out of the way, rewriting the “will” portion of the family trust. Turned out there was just one part, Paragraph B of Section Seventh, which spelled out how the value of the estate was to be divided among various beneficiaries when the final Trustor (me) died. Marian had crafted most of this, allocating almost equal shares among a long list (nearly 20) of the second generation after us, of Cortesi and Lacrampe relatives. I wanted to make some adustments in that, and to add one more beneficiary, so I worked up a new “Amendment to Paragraph B of Section Seventh of the blah blah long name of trust“. Now all I need to do is to get it notarized and insert it in the famous Brown Binder of estate documents.

You would think Channing House would have an in-house notary. I asked the email bulletin board and at least 20 people told me that Priya (a well-known member of the staff) was a notary. So I wrote to her, and nope, her commission has lapsed. I called the Financial Advisors but they are doing office work yet. Priya recommended the UPS store. I’ll check them later.

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