2.093 estate, laundry, study

Wednesday 03/10/2021

My right foot was feeling sore this morning, for no reason I can figure. So I passed on the usual walk. About 8:30 a facilities guy came around to shut off my bathroom water again. It was later turned on about 12. About 12, two facilities guys came around to do a visual inspection of my fire alarm and sprinklers, which took all of a minute.

Around 10 I went out to the UPS store and had the two-page amendment to the trust notarized. Brought it back and installed it in the book, after making a copy to install in the spare copy of the trust. So that and the taxes, two long-pending chores, are out of the way.

I spent another hour studying strategic planning for elder care marketing documents. What a lot of platitudes. Did you know a whole bunch of people born a few years after me are now reaching the age where they think about moving into an elder facility? True fact. As a result, the market experts say, there is an unprecedented boom in new construction of such facilities, so you have to watch out for all this competition coming your way. Uh, guys, have you seen what land and construction costs around this neck of the woods? Ain’t no bunch of new construction happening close to Channing House. Shit, the combined efforts of the state and the county can’t seem to get any more single family homes built, let alone any elder campuses.

From 12 to 3, did the laundry and worked on the incredibly fussy and mistake-prone MG TC model. I keep screwing things up and having to back out and re-do. I’ll spare the details.

At three one of my newest neighbors, Leon Beeler, gave a talk (zoom) on the history of Sunset Magazine, where he worked for 30 years, from the 70s through its demise at the hands of venture capitalists. And that was the news of the day.

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