2.090 meeting, planning, SWBB

Sunday 03/07/2021

First thing, after reading the paper and watering the plants, was to meet with Marcia and work out how we would present the end of volunteer activity at the RA meeting tomorrow.

Then, I wanted a good long walk, so I took off and walked to California Ave (almost 5 miles for the day). There I would have bought an excellent almond croissant, but the line at that booth was much too long, so I settled for a lesser pastry elsewhere.

After lunch I did a bit of work on the MG, and finished studying the book on marketing retirement homes. At 5pm it was time to go to the 11th floor to watch Stanford in the PAC12 tournament final game. The game was to be on ESPN2, but unfortunately the really important Big Ten Wrestling Championship was running overtime. They announced that the tip-off had been delayed to 5:15; then when the wrestling was still going, they said the game was on ESPNews. Unfortunately, the Xfinity box on the 11th floor is not authorized for the Sports and Entertainment package, of which ESPNews is part.

I returned to my room where I was pretty sure I could get ESPNews. And I could. Stanford started off hot, ran out a 26-point lead in the 2nd quarter. Then they went cold in the third, and UCLA closed to within 9 points. In the fourth, Stanaford found its stroke and finished the game again up by over 20. Weeee are the Chammmm Peeons!

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