2.089 park scout, model, strategy

Saturday 03/06/2021

I wanted to follow up on the one location for a Forest Bath walk (2.083), Huddart Park. I was on the road by 8am. Climbed the narrow, winding Kings Mountain road, along with bunches of bicyclists. I was pleased to find that the park has quite a bit of parking and at 8:30 only a few cars were there. I walked 3/4 of a mile out on the trail and then back, by which time about half the spaces were taken. I drove on home. Later I made a date with Dennis to walk this trail next Sunday morning.

The rest of the day I alternated between working on the MG model, and taking critical notes on the strategy book. I am almost finished with that, and have a list of very cogent questions to ask of our present staff. Oh, and naps.

This was the third day this week when I’d declined house supper (because the offered menu was so blahhh). Had a healthy and tasty supper of an open-face cheese and salami sandwich, with an open-face PBJ for dessert. And dried apricots reconstituted in the microwave with a few ounces of white wine.

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