2.088 taxes and stuff

Friday 03/05/2021

After my walk I made myself work at the taxes and finished several more pages of the workbook. It will be easy to finish next week. I found the remarkable fact that I didn’t pay anything to doctors during 2020. Consider I spent several days in the hospital and had a major surgical procedure and several CT scans, that’s remarkable. At one point I sent a query to the billing department at Stanford, saying “I see all these many EOBs that end with ‘You may be billed $x’; when can I expect to see some of these bills?” and they responded, don’t worry about it. So I didn’t, and I have yet to see a bill. The City of Palo Alto sent me a bill for some insane amount of money for the two mile ride to the hospital, but added, “return this with your insurance information” and later set the account balance to $0. Medicare FTW.

Then I spent an hour reading and making notes on strategic planning documents. So that was two ticky-marks on my todo list. I glued a few parts on the model and then it was lunch time.

At 4pm it was time for Rhonda’s weekly open meeting. She was pleased to announce that for the 6th week in a row we have zero cases or quarantines of staff or residents. The prowler who has gained entry to the Tower garage multiple times was confronted by some of our staff on his most recent attempt, and may be scared off now; but we are consulting with a security company about improved physical security, whatever that means.

And the big news, the dining room will reopen, but not until 4/21, when we officially take over food services from Sodexo.

Rhonda wrapped her meeting at 4:45, and shortly I went to the 11th floor to watch the Stanford Women take on Oregon State in the PAC12 semi-final game. There were about ten of us, masked and spaced out, in the TV lounge. It is way more fun to watch a ball game in company than alone. The Beavs kept it close in the first quarter, even led for a few minutes. Then slowly but inexorably Stanford pulled away, opening an 11-point lead at the half, and ending the game up 30.

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