Thursday 03/04/2021

First thing, about 7am, I prepared the final two volunteer sign-up sheets. I won’t be sad to see that duty end, although it is not really arduous.

Did Victoria’s aerobics. Before they started at 8:15, I had a call from Facilities. As warned in an email yesterday, they needed to shut off the “angle stops” on my toilet and vanity, to facilitate work on a plumbing problem on the 4th floor. Sure, come on. Which the guy did. But now after aerobics, smelling like a cat, I had no shower. Fortunately they left the supply to my kitchen sink on, so I got to take what my mother used to call “a spit bath” in front of the kitchen sink. Oh well.

By 9am I was on the way to FOPAL. On Tuesday I had to leave 5 boxes of unchecked books and decided I would come back a second time, on Thursday AM which is the other time my section is allowed by their covid schedule. I got through all five boxes, sending most of them to the bargain room, in under 2 hours. I kept about 15 books as saleable, and another 10 or so that priced out to “high value” (over $25 used on Amazon).

After lunch I did some business, paying a couple of bills and updating my spreadsheet that tracks the total value of the Nest Egg with January and February statements. The bottom line grew 1% in January and 5% in February. Apparently a good month for the stock market.

At 2pm it was time to watch the Stanford women open their PAC12 tournament play, versus USC. Because it was also time for Wanda to clean my apartment, I relocated to the 11th floor and watched the game on the giant (90-inch?) TV there. (Which frankly is not very good. It’s a Sharp Aquos, over 5 years old, and lacks in brightness and saturation.)

Stanford just romped in this game. They had a 20-point lead at the half, and finished up more than 30, and basically put on a clinic of “See what we can do? And you can’t stop us?”

After, my toilet water was back on and my room spic’n’span. I painted a few tiny parts for the MG, too. There are a lot of tiny parts to this kit. But the end is in sight.

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