2.081 eyes, tech calls

Friday 02/26/2021

First thing I headed out for the easy walk to PAMF where I had my eye exam. I was somewhat disappointed at a relatively small change in prescription, but at least there’s nothing else seriously wrong with my eyes. No sign of nasties like macular degeneration, and my “senile cataracts” are not any worse than before.

Back at CH I took the first of two tech assistance calls under our new policy: for the first time in a year we can enter the caller’s apartment! It has been awkward; if they had a problem with a laptop or iPad we could meet in the lounge, but if it’s a desktop machine or printer, basically we could only give telephone advice.

Today I went into Jean’s apartment where she was having trouble getting some Word documents she had been sent by email, to open in Word on her Mac. I don’t know what her problem was, or what I did differently, but when I put my magic fingers on her keyboard, I was able to get the documents downloaded and opened in Word, and saved to a new folder on the desktop where hopefully she can find them later. Twenty minutes.

After lunch I took a call from Randy. He and his wife have lovely new MacBook Pros each, and they use an HP printer from both. The problem was, the printer was not printing any Blue ink. Color images looked like crap with only yellow and magenta, no cyan. I futzed around with the printer, I found the HP Utility that was in Randy’s MacBook and used it to clean the cartridges and print an alignment page. No luck, or rather, no cyan. I popped the cyan cartridge out, cleaned its little contacts, put it back. Nope. Now I noticed the printer was showing an error message, this cartridge (Cyan) is not usable or some such rubbish. Tried another, new, cartridge. Printer says, thanks for using genuine HP cartridges, but sorry, that cartridge is not usable.

I told Randy, printer is busted. I used Yelp.com to show him there were printer repair shops around us and urged him to call one. And that was that.

At Rhonda’s 4pm open meeting, the news was that, since we’d gone weeks without a Covid case in resident or staff, and because we had 97% vaccination, they have decided to close what has been the Covid wing, and return it to its normal use as offices and meeting rooms. Rhonda recalled how at the worst time last fall, there were 10 beds occupied by Covid patients. I had not realized it got to that height, I thought we had like 4 at a time, a couple of times.

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