2.082 walk, pizza

Saturday 02/27/2021

Started with an early drive to San Jose to meet Dennis for a walk. Had some family business to transact and just take a nice walk. But this was the first time we had met in real life for more than a year. That was a fun change.

This was interesting: I let the GPS in the car have its head and it took me by a different route than I had ever taken before. All the times that Marian and I visited Dennis, we went up to 280 and down to Meridian Ave. But it is actually shorter and simpler to take 101 to Almaden Expressway and Curtner. That would have been true from Tasso street also.

I put some pieces on the MG model. Part of the enjoyment of a good model kit is appreciating all the little details. In the MG, each headlight has four parts: a chrome shell, a chrome bezel ring holding a clear plastic lens, and inside, a tiny little clear plastic bulb inside it. After it’s assembled, it would only be by chance the viewer might peer inside the headlight to see, oh, there’s a little bulb in there.

Patty, Gwen, Phil and I had agreed to have pizza for supper tonight. I ordered two, 14-inch combinations from New York Pizza for delivery at 6. Actually the guy showed at ten til. Brought the pizzas to the 6th floor dining room and divided them into four half-pizzas. I took mine back to my room. I believe the others ate together in the dining room. Since we are not supposed to have more than two people eating together, I opted out.

There has been a bit of trouble getting volunteers to fill all of the slots in the meal delivery sign-up sheet. I talked to Marcia about this and she had a bit of gossip that strongly suggests management is really close to opening the dining room. When that happens, when there is no longer the need to deliver meals to rooms, the volunteer program will be naturally over. So we’re hanging in a bit longer.

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