2.080 to-do list

Thursday 02/25/2021

Did the aerobics class and then around 9am settled down to a long to-do list, 13 items scribbled out at various times this week. By lunch I had scratched off 11 of them. One I just put off. One because I can’t read my own writing and can’t figure out what I meant.

One of the items was to schedule an eye exam. I had messaged my doctor about being unable to find how to book an exam using the website. Her nurse practitioner replied yesterday with phone numbers to call. So today I called the one for the close-by facility and to my amazement, I got booked for tomorrow at 9am. Usually PAMF appointments are weeks ahead.

Other tasks on the list were to book the echocardiagram and follow-up with Dibiase in May. Did that. And the big, big item: to start filling out the tax workbook for the tax accountant. It has a number of sections and I did the first section today.

At 2pm I vacated the room for Wanda, and decided to take the car out for a ride. I drove over to Coyote Hills park on the East end of the Dumbarton bridge.

That was about it. Well, let me gripe: supper was inedible. Nominally a piece of veal with Marsala mushroom sauce. The sauce was OK but I cannot imagine what they did to the veal, a big slab of meat that was just not chewable. I munched and munched on the first bite and eventually got it where I could swallow it but didn’t try any more. I think Sodexo is getting revenge for us kicking them out — but their contract doesn’t end until April. Oh dear.

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