2.078 music, money, FOPAL

Tuesday 02/23/2021

Veronica had the day off, so no morning exercise (but I got plenty at FOPAL later).

At 9am it was time for a concert by Stephanie and Paolo (see 2.055 and 2.034). As usual they were delightful as well as showing amazing piano skills.

I had to put that on pause as 10am approached because it was time then for my annual review with the Financial Advisors. The finale to this is to update their model (sophisticated spreadsheet) based on what I had told them about expenses and future spending plans, to predict how the Nest Egg will look over the coming years, supposing I were to live to age 100. Good news; as usual, even with the most conservative estimates for inflation and stock performance, I can’t spend money as fast as the Nest Egg grows, so it keeps getting bigger, slowly, over time. Also I had gone in with a specific question, and I got a very good, helpful and enlightening answer.

I joined the writers’ group in progress. The cue had been to write about animals in your life, which had triggered nothing at all in my imagination so I didn’t write. However during the session, listening to other people’s accounts of psychotic pets and so on, I realized I could have done a pretty good thing about cows, based on boyhood experience. Nobody else wrote about farm animals. Oh, well.

Right after lunch I drove to FOPAL and processed several boxes of donations to the computer section. Unusually out of four boxes, I found more than a dozen “high-value” books (over $25, mostly well over). I carefully did not lift any full boxes of books. At least in the sense of what I used to do, dead-lift a full box from the floor to a cart, or carry one 50 feet to a table. I left the boxes on the floor and emptied them one at a time, filling boxes already on a cart. Then I rolled the cart to the edge of a table and lifting only one end of a box, moved the box horizontally onto the table.

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