2.077 walk, paint, SWBB

Monday 02/22/2021

Took the walk. The weather is warming up. First time it is 60º or above at 8am, I am going out in shorts and trying to jog, at least a bit, on this route. As opposed to street clothes and just walking.

Around 10am, a facilities guy came around and painted the area around the edge of the closet where they patched the plaster Friday. That job is done, which has been pending (in my mind) since last June. For one reason or another I had put off requesting Facilities to do it, but now that is done and done.

There is one more job that has been hanging on my to-do list for months, and that is getting my eyes examined and prescription updated. The last time that was done was at PAMF’s eye clinic on Mathilda avenue more than 5 years, maybe more than 8 years, back. The PAMF medical history section in their website is somewhat confusing. But whatever, it has been too long. Problem is, PAMF closed the Mathilda eye clinic building some years ago. When I try to use their website to book an appointment for an exam, there’s no such option. Only “return visit with provider” and the names of a couple of eye doctors I have seen there. I’ve decided what I need to do is message my PCP about it, and it is just a matter of actually doing that.

At various times over the day, I sprayed the second clear coat on the MG body tub, and the first and then later the second, coat on the main body with its lovely swoopy fenders. So that job is finally done. What remains is to resume assembling. There are a bunch of parts yet to assemble. The first bit will be to assemble the hood, which has four parts and three metal hinges. You know, old style hood, when it is closed it’s like Π, but when open on both sides it’s like M.

At 6pm we had the Stanford Women hosting Arizona on ESPN. Arizona just lost to Cal, giving Cal its first win of the season, which would indicate that Arizona shouldn’t be a big deal, but Arizona played like champs in the first half, their defense keeping Stanford out of rhythm and causing frequent turnovers. In the second half, though, Stanford pulled out a 12-point lead and held it. Stanford now has the PAC-12 season championship, for whatever that’s worth, since there is a tournament as well.

I had an email conversation with Harriet Benson, another fan, about traveling to the tournament in Las Vegas, and/or to the NCAA championship in San Antonio. I checked with Angela, our Covid Safety Officer. Her opinion was that either trip would probably involve “large gathering” and necessitate a 14-day quarantine on return. Having to spend two weeks locked up in my room, plus the exposure of a commercial airline round trip, set the price too high for either trip.

Later Harriet reported that Eileen, the Stanford Basketball Operations director, had told her, sorry, we will allow only immediate families of players in Las Vegas. As for San Antonio, the NCAA intends to run the entire field of 64 inside a giant “bubble” with attendance at venues limited to 10% capacity. So very likely it wouldn’t be possible to get a ticket anyway.

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