2.076 baylands, turkeys, paint

Sunday 02/21/2021

I’d read the paper, had my coffee, showered and dressed and watered the plants, and it was still a bit shy of 8am. I looked out at a sparkling clear day, Mount Diablo crisp on the horizon. Well, heck, I thought, let’s get a jump on the parking at the Baylands. Times past, I’ve only thought of going down there later and arrived at 10 and it was full. But 8am, pshaw, no problem.

It is to laugh. At 8:15 there was no space at the Bixbee end. I drove the two miles down the 101 frontage road to the San Antonio end where there was still space. Went for a nice 3-mile walk (1.5 out and back). I was wishing I had brought the Nikon with my new telephoto lens. Shots like this one just don’t work on the iPhone.

iPhone camera is remarkable in may ways, but its telephoto sucks.

With the 500mm lens, that would have been a winner.

From there I decided to drive back via some back streets that I used to bicycle–Moody road, Elena, Page Mill. Quietly scenic. I had to stop and wait a couple of minutes for these guys to get the heck out of my way.

Later I sprayed some clear coat including onto the second largest piece of the MG. It went on nice except for one bit where I moved too slow and the paint sagged. But I can smooth that out and it will disappear under the second coat. This shows the difference between the cowling, which has been clear-coated, and the main body, which hasn’t. That will be tomorrow’s job.

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